Mission Statement

• Therapeutic Listening • Interactive Metronomes • Handwriting Without Tears
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EPD Occupational Therapy Inc. offers comprehensive therapy services to identify and correct developmental motor, sensory processing, and speech/ language delays and is the top therapy center with the top therapist in Fort Lauderdale. Our multidisciplinary team of experts include Physical and Occupational Therapists that work cohesively with Speech and Language Pathologists to address and treat a myriad of developmental motor and language delays, coordination disturbances, and neurological deficits impacting our client’s health status and independent function.

We offer free consultation and screenings for children ages 0-21, demonstrating difficulty with communication, literacy, cognition, attention, behavior, impulse control, aggression, social skills, learning, handwriting, motor development, coordination, balance, self-help skills, and sensory processing. No matter what area of life your child is struggling in, we are dedicated to figuring out why and correcting it! At EPD Occupational Therapy, Inc., we find and fix what other therapist’s missed by utilizing standardized testing, evidence based practice, and cutting edge therapies.

If you are tired of your child being tossed between therapists, not getting results from current treatment, or disagree with a diagnosis or a discharge from a therapist in Fort Lauderdale, you will find the right help here!