Questions to Answer

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• Is your child demonstrating difficulty with language, comprehension, or hard to understand?
• Does your child demonstrate trouble identifying items?
• Does your child have difficulty following verbal instructions?
• Are you tired of your child being tossed between therapists?
• Are you not getting results from your current treatment, or disagree with your child’s discharge from therapy?
• Do you disagree with a previous therapy evaluation or diagnosis?
• Do you think your child is not ready for pre school, Kindergarten, or then next school year?
• Does your child loose his place reading or have trouble copying?
• Does your child have trouble holding a pencil or writing tool or Is his/her handwriting poor?
• Is he or she having difficulty in school, or is homework time a struggle?
• Is your child having trouble with attention or listening and/or following instructions ?
• Does your child over squeeze his/her juice box, spill drinks or food and appear not to notice?
• Does your child have difficulty socializing?
• Does he/she struggle in sports, bump into people, and or have poor safety awareness?
• Is your child not mastering developmental milestones, sitting, standing, walking, grasping?
• Is your child having trouble performing jumping jacks or learning how to ride a bike?
• Is your child having trouble learning how to tie his/her shoes?
• Does your child bump into objects, appear un aware of safety?
• Does your child fear going to birthday parties, public places or demonstrate social anxiety?
• Does your child seam to be always on the go?
• Does your child tantrum often?
• Is your child a picky eater?
• Does your child hold his/her ears and have poor tolerance of sounds?
• Is your child afraid of heights or does he/she get car sick often?
• Is your child dependant for dressing?
• Is your child disorganized?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we can help!