What we Treat

• Therapeutic Listening • Interactive Metronomes • Handwriting Without Tears
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At EPD Occupational Therapy, Inc., the sky’s the limit! Your child’s therapy will be individualized, inclusive, and tailored to best meet his/her specific needs. Within larger clinic settings, children are often tossed to multiple staff members, and or less skilled therapists. Treatments are generic in nature and inconsistent. If you are tired of not getting results or disappointed with previous therapy experiences, make the right choice and contact us now!

What we Treat

Occupational therapy treatment improves independent function and quality of life regardless of disability status and/or diagnosis.

Occupational therapists are know to treat children experiencing difficulties with coordination, fine motor skills, poor handwriting, poor sensory processing, and limited self-help skills.

Physical Therapy helps rehabilitate children in performance and occupation areas related to mobility, balance, strength, coordination and focus on returning children to optimal independent movement.
Physical therapists are known for treating limitations in Gross Motor, Muscle Strength/tone, Pre-gait/gait training, locomotion patterns, Neuromuscular function, Endurance, Seating and positioning, Environmental adaptations.

Speech and Language Pathologists specialize in communication disorders and help children develop speech, language, voice, cognition, and maximum communication skills.

No matter what diagnosis or area of life your child is not functioning in, our therapy services can Help!

Diagnoses we treat include but are not limited too, dyspraxia [praxis/motor planning problems], dysgraphia [poor development of handwriting], dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, sensory processing disorder, fine/gross motor delays, perceptual motor problems, visual perceptual deficits, visual motor integration problems, poor coordination and balance, Autism, SPD, CP, Mic neurological and musculoskeletal syndromes/ disorders, Phonation, resonance;intonation (process of production of sound) pitch, syntax, grammar, semantics, and pragmatics.